Software development outsourcing

Opting for outsourcing will provide you with some flexibility in managing a software development project. Share some of your responsibilities, alleviate costs, employ our skill and rely on our experience to bring your development project to a satisfactory conclusion.

Price: 80€ per hour

Custom solution design and development

For the routine business applications, you should definitely invest in a regular, off-the-shelf software solution. But the over-the-counter software product will bring you just so far. When you need to make a difference, to go further, visit uncharted territories, it’s time to consider a tailored solution. We will design it for you, develop it using the state of the art technology, deliver it and help you to implement it in your business process. Design and development of the custom solutions is a joint effort and we will be walking together every step of the way.

Website development

Whether you need a public face for your business, encouragement for future customers or service for clients - this is where it all begins. With us, you will find an eye for design, knowledge of technology, talent to articulate content and skill to wrap it all together and make it work for you.

Starting price: from 500€

MPP2 implementation and customization

MPP2 is ready-made business and accounting software solution developed by Privredni savetnik – Informacione tehnologije. As a long term partner of Privredni savetnik – informacione tehnologije we are closely familiar with capabilities of MPP2 package and fully up to date with current changes and further development of the solutions. That makes us well equipped to guide you through process of implementing MPP2 solution in your company. If you have chosen MPP2 as a foundation for your information system, choose us as your partner for the implementation process.

One Team integrated software platform

One Team is an integrated software platform developed by DevPro Solutions in cooperation with PS.IT. The platform is designed to support processes related to human resource management in companies with embedded payroll functionality. OneTeam is a flexible solution, adjustable to varying requirements of organizations and their procedures, but with a robust and reliable core that complies with local law and legislation. OneTeam solution makes acquiring, storing, processing and analyzing data easier and communication between the actors in the organization more efficient.

Customer support

Development and implementation of the software is just the beginning of the journey. Even the best software solutions need customer support and need it for the duration of its entire life cycle. We are here to provide it.

Price: 30€ per hour